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Carrots: A Bunch of Flavor

Carrots: A Bunch of FlavorBy Mark Mulcahy

Did you know that wild carrots are not naturally orange, but white, purple or yellow? In Central Asia, where carrots were first cultivated, purple and yellow ones grew wild—and still do. The Moors brought carrots to Europe when they invaded Spain. It was in Europe that their orange and red attributes were revealed, perhaps by crossing them with the wild white varieties. By the 13thcentury, orange carrots were widely grown. Today, yellow, green, red, and purple are back as specialty items. Their taste and texture are different - and worth trying!

Sweet and crunchy, carrots are the 2nd most popular vegetable in the world (after potatoes). Highly nutritious with good amounts of fiber, vitamin C, and some calcium, carrots are also loaded with the orange pigment carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the digestive tract. Vitamin A is excellent for the eyes, and carrots grew in popularity in WWII when the UK’s Ministry of Food spread tales of …

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